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You’re overworked, over scheduled and no a sleep apnea diagnosis! We’re here to support your unique journey as a woman with CPAP Treatment. Let’s face it, women and men have different sleep apnea treatment needs. 

Getting any kind of diagnosis is unsettling and a Sleep Apnea diagnosis is no different.  It all makes sense now. Feeling tired all day, cranky, the weight gain.  You’re probably thinking to yourself “why did I wait so long, the signs were all there.”  You are  busy taking care of everyone else that’s why. 

The reason you waited so long is because most women don’t put their health and self care as a top priority.   Now that you know what the issue is, you can get to treating that apnea right here.  And you’re probably thinking “am I EVER going to feel sexy again?!”  You were never NOT sexy and you can have CPAP treatment and still feel like the awesome woman you are. 

Women who use CPAP have unique challenges

We are here to help.



We offer fast turn around and affordable CPAP supplies. This is your only shop specifically for women. 


Easy Ordering


Create an account and use your past orders to reorder.   We keep your purchase history for your convienence. 

Shipping Anywhere In the US


We’re headquarted in Buffalo, NY with 13 locations in the Northeast for fast shipping, accurate processing and great service. 

 With over 10 years of experience and a friendly staff, we can help you get the answers you need.  As a woman, it can be difficult to talk about your sleep apnea treatment, we can provide the anonymity and expertise you are looking for. 


Your Time Is Valuable

As women, we do lots of things so good, but taking care of ourselves we don’t do so well.  Let us help you with the self care routine you’ve been promising yourself. 


Talk To A Sleep Expert

Women are less likely to reach out for help when it comes to self care.   It’s important you connect with an expert to help you stay consistant with your CPAP and assist you in mitigating challenges or using your machine. 

It's OK

Why is it hard for us to take care of ourselves the way our male counterparts do?   So what you have to wear a mask, if it’s ok for men, it’s ok for us too. 

A Delicate Balance

You CAN be sexy and use CPAP.  Hey, we know the mask, the machine and the sounds can take some getting used to, but if you’re true to yourself and still be beautiful. 


Pulled In Every Direction

We are pulled in all directions. Family, home, parents, laundry and work. Without a good night’s sleep, we’re heading for disaster. 


The To Do List

we do lots of things but some are better than others so check them all out and see what you like.

No one understands a women’s CPAP treatment better than us. 

A good night’s sleep isn’t a compromise for anything else.

Affordable CPAP Cleaners

We cater to the unique challenges of women CPAP users. 

Are you ready to make your life easy yet?

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We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, so get in touch today and see how we can help you.

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